Round Up: 3 Great Articles on Home Trends and Design

Change is the only constant. Yes, we have all heard that before. Wouldn’t it be easier if change was easy to keep up with? Well, we are going to do our part and give you the three best articles we have found on emerging trends in home design. See below!

Trends in Design and Architecture

This NYT article highlights how one seemingly old style of home, the “A-Frame,” can be surprisingly modern.

“For all their outdated associations (rising gas prices during the Carter administration helped to doom them as weekend retreats), A-frames can, in fact, be made strikingly modern. Like Mr. Potato Head, a basic form allows for add-ons: floor-to-ceiling windows, second-story decks, solar panels, cozy front porches.”

10 Ways To Use Pantone’s Color Of The Year In Your Home

I think all of us were a little surprised when we heard that purple was the color of the year for 2018. Unless you’re a TCU fan, you need some help in how to use purple in your home. This article by Huffington Post makes it easy.

"Incorporating this rich and moody color into your home is easier than you think."

Outdoor Living Guide

Summer is around the corner, spring is starting to show itself and we are all ready for some time on the patio. Thankfully, Architectural Digest put together a whole guide for us. Including Nate Burkus entertaining tips.

“Your touchstone for creating your own outdoor entertaining style should be something that really speaks to you—maybe that’s a years-old hammock swinging in the sun. Embrace it! And create a scene around it."

We hope you enjoyed the round up of articles we found particularly helpful or insightful.