Fairmont Homes Interior Design Services

Meagan is an innovative interior designer that blends the creativity of design with the practicality of business. Meagan's passion for well-edited and clean interiors is balanced by her skill at delivering smart functional spaces that really work for her clients. While beautiful rooms are Meagan's top priority, customer service and streamlined processes are her specialty. This simplicity-driven approach to luxury design saves her clients time and money, while delivering gorgeous designs. While combining the client's vision and expertise, Meagan skillfully blends pattern and color to create fresh and current interiors.

Meagan graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in Interior Design. Upon graduation, she landed a hospitably design job in Dallas, TX where she grew into learning the industry by designing cutting edge hotels and resorts from North America to Latin America for an award winning firm. After her time in Dallas and always striving to better herself, Meagan’s instincts took her to New York City where she worked for a high-end residential firm designing custom multi-million dollar homes across the United States. While in New York, Meagan was able to broaden her knowledge of the design spectrum where she was exposed to unique design styles while being hands on whether it be with client, contractor, or architect. Meagan’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality and residential markets has enabled a smooth transition for new construction or remodels.



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